San Pasqual Valley Soils’ composts and mulches are excellent for a wide variety of applications. What amount you’ll need to apply depends on the application, existing soil condition, aesthetics desired, and type of product you decide to use. Give us a call to discuss your particular application and we can help you choose what product and volume is best. If you already know what product you’d like to purchase, use our online calculator below.

Here’s a quick reference guide based on common uses and application rates of San Pasqual Valley Soils’ extensive product line:

Mulch – General Recommendations

  • Water Conservation – Incorporate Planters Blend 1/4″ under trees and shrubs followed by 2 to 3″ of Grower’s or California Native Mulch®
  • Weed Control – Spread Grower’s Mulch or California Native Mulch® 2 to 3″ thick
  • Erosion Control – Spread Grower’s Mulch or California Native Mulch®  to a depth of 4″

Compost – General Recommendations

  • New Plantings – Incorporate 30% Planter’s Blend compost into existing soil
  • Native Plants – Incorporate 10% Planter’s Blend compost into existing soil
  • New Turf – Spread Valley’s Best Compost® 2 to 3″ thick and till into top 6-8″ of soil (if using seed, topdress seed with an additional 1/4″)
  • Turf Renovation – Topdress turf with Valley’s Best Compost® at 1/8″ to 3/16″
  • Planting Beds – Blend 25% Planters Blend with 5% Valley’s Best Compost® and incorporate into existing soil




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