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Planter’s Blend Compost is a great soil amendment at an affordable price. Clean, locally sourced feedstocks are the key to its quality, as is a carefully managed production cycle that involves grinding, screening and aeration that provides air to oxygen-loving microbes.

A soil amendment that has the quality of Planter’s Blend can improve growing conditions in many ways. Tilth, or the physical characteristics and workability of soil, is enhanced, as the organic matter in Planter’s Blend binds with existing soil particles creating aggregates and pores that hold water and oxygen and allow microbial communities and root systems to readily expand and thrive.

Amended with Planter’s Blend, clay soils drain better, and sandy soils hold more moisture. Macro and micro nutrients in Planters feed both soil microorganisms and roots, while helping to buffer pH. Most soils in San Diego County could use a boost of microbial activity, organic matter and nutrients. Planter’s Blend Compost is a soil amendment that can provide all three.

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