Super Summer Sale!


Sale ends October 15, 2020

Summer is the perfect time to mulch plants, insulate their roots from the heat and help soil retain water. It is also a great time to prepare landscapes for the upcoming rainy season. Properly mulching can protect your plants now and help minimize erosion that can occur during a heavy rainfall. With that in mind, we are offering two customer favorites at a discount for a limited time. So take advantage of these great prices to save money on watering and irrigation now and prepare for fall and the rainy season!

SPVS Grower's Mulch

Grower’s Mulch is great for weed suppression, water retention, erosion control and pathways. This beautiful mulch has a rich brown color and is 1” to 3” in size and screened to remove fines. It has been composted from select materials and contains no curbside green waste, weed seeds or pathogens. Apply 2″ to 3” thick for best results.

On sale now for just $6.50 per cubic yard (regularly priced at $15 per cubic yard).

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SPVS California Native Mulch®

California Native Mulch® is a great value, even when it is not on sale! This mulch is great for mulching trees and shrubs and it looks really nice on pathways. It is also perfect for erosion control, weed suppression and water retention. It has been fully composted so you won’t find any weed seeds or pathogens in this attractive, earthy mulch. Apply 2″ to 3” thick for best results. 

On sale now for just $5 per cubic yard (regularly priced at $10 per cubic yard).

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