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At one time there were more than 200 dairies in San Diego County. Now the Frank Konyn Dairy, sister company of San Pasqual Valley Soils, is one of only two. San Pasqual Valley Soils is a 13-acre composting facility on adjacent land that supports the dairy, and has helped turn what was once a major dairy liability and expense, into an asset. In addition to composting cow manure, San Pasqual Valley Soils also accepts yard trimmings, agricultural residues, straw, wood shavings, and wood chips for composting and mulch production.

The dairy collects brewery grains to feed its herd of about 880 milking cows, as well as food scraps, fruits, fruit pulp, vegetables and discarded bakery materials. More than 1,000 tons a month of this material, most of which was being landfilled, is now feeding cows and supporting our local, San Diego County dairy.

Juice manufacturers, bakeries, bread factories, tortilla manufacturers, breweries, produce packaging facilities and farms all benefit from this discarded material collected by our third sister company, KD Farms Trucking. And the environment does too.

San Pasqual Valley Soils and the Frank Konyn Dairy help San Diego meet the requirements of AB 1826, which requires California jurisdictions to implement an organics recycling program on and after January 1, 2016, and phases in mandatory compliance for the largest generators of compostable discards.

Our OMRI-listed Valley’s Best Compost® is approved for use in organic agriculture, and we’re proud this product supports many of the County of San Diego’s largest organic farms.

San Pasqual Valley Soils and the Frank Konyn Dairy are continuously working to keep milk production and compost creation local, sustainable and affordable to San Diego County residents. Thanks to all of our customers and partners for allowing this to happen.




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