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Our goal at San Pasqual Valley Soils is to build a premier soil health and environmental services company through the collection, processing, repurposing and distribution of recycled organics in San Diego county.

SPVS Purpose

San Pasqual Valley Soils is an essential member of a family of companies consisting of the Frank Konyn Dairy Inc., and KD Farms Trucking Inc, which together, are committed to the development, stewardship and sustainability of healthy soils, family farms and communities in Southern California.

SPVS Culture

San Pasqual Valley Soils continually strives to foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration with our employees and the communities and customers we serve.

SPVS Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to support regenerative and sustainable healthy soils through applied science, education, innovation and exceptional customer service.

SPVS Grow With Us Leaves

San Pasqual Valley Soils has been providing the San Diego area with premium quality products since opening in 2007. We are located on 13 acres in the City of San Diego’s beautiful San Pasqual Valley Agricultural Preserve.

We are proud to be one of only about a dozen permitted composting facilities in San Diego County, which ensures our process meets the highest industry standards. Our facility is permitted to receive over 75,000 cubic yards of clean, source separated yard trimmings and cow manure a year.

Our focus has always been on creating the best finished products, so we don’t follow a “waste management” model, but rather one more similar to a gourmet restaurant. We start with good quality materials or ingredients (a.k.a. “feedstocks”), formulate them in a “recipe mix,” and create high quality soil amendments and mulches.

In addition to accepting landscape trimmings, we support the family-owned Frank Konyn Dairy, which is one of two last remaining dairies in San Diego County, and a key component of our sustainability efforts.

San Diego County is home to more organic farms than any other county in the country, and many of these organic growers trust their crops to the superior quality of our Valley’s Best Compost®. Valley’s Best is not only approved for use in organic agriculture, it adheres to the strict standards of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the National Organic Program (NOP), and the CDFA’s Organic Input Material (OIM) Program.

We strive to provide customers with the best products to improve their soils, grow better food, and create healthier landscapes and lush gardens.

We welcome you to call or stop by and talk with our friendly, knowledgeable staff about your particular landscaping needs. We are here to help you pick the right products to improve your soil and nourish your plants. In addition to our ready-to-use products, we can make custom blends to your specifications.

If you have a job that needs an onsite analysis, we are happy to come to you. We want to ensure your success when you embark on a new landscape project or garden, or improve an existing one, so there’s no charge for this service when you use our products.

Thanks for visiting us online. We invite you to Grow with Us.