Dr. K – In the News

Dr. K – In the News

Check in here for compost and mulch news stories from the San Diego County area. Dr. K is on a mission to share his compost and mulch best practices knowledge and expertise through training sessions, demonstrations and webinars. See what he has been up to…

CA Landscape Contractors Association Keepin' it Green Event with Dr. K 4.18.24 | SPV Soils

Dr. K will be making a presentation on Filtrexx® compost-based stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to members of the San Diego Chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) on April 18, 2024. He will be providing literature on the use of compost-based BMP’s for sediment and stormwater run-off, showing off some of our sock samples, and answering questions.

Our compost and grow sock manufacturing facility is the only one currently operating in Southern California and SPV Soils is manufacturing and shipping the made-to-order socks to cities, contractors, and landscapers throughout the southern half of the state.

The Lunch and Learn presentation is being hosted by American Sod Farms at their facility and SiteOne Landscape Supply will also be presenting at the event (see flyer for details). This event is free and members should sign up by 4.12.24 to attend.

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Dr. K hosted a tour of our facility and shared his industry knowledge with a group of young adults from D’Vine Path on March 14th. The group enjoyed learning about our operation and getting some ‘hands on’ experience comparing the different types of compost and mulch that we produce. It was a fun afternoon for everyone and we think there may be some future composters in the group!

Dr. K Teaching the D'Vine Path Tour Group 3.14.24 | SPV Soils

Dr. K talks compost & mulch

D'Vine Path Tour Group with Dr. K 3.14.24 | SPV Soils

D’Vine Path Tour Group with Dr. K

D'Vine Path Tour Group getting their hands dirty 3.14.24 | SPV Soils

Sampling the mulch

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D’Vine Path is a non-profit that offers programs and learning opportunities for neurodiverse adults in agriculture, hospitality, and the arts. They provide custom-tailored resources to help individuals learn life and vocational skills to establish and realize goals for employment, personal well-being, and growth.

We were really impressed with this organization and the tour group that visited with us! Organizations like D’Vine Path make a huge impact on individual lives, families, and communities so it is important to support them.

D'Vine Path Poster 3.23.24 Event | SPV Soils

D’Vine Path hosted a talent show, ‘Over The Rainbow’, on March 23rd in Fallbrook showcasing their students’ performances. They host numerous events throughout the year to raise awareness and support their cause. Click on the links below to learn more about this amazing organization.

Developing the Circular Bioresources Economy in California

Collaboration in the local economy

Wednesday, November 29th at 9:15 – 10:45 am

Dr. K presented “Collaboration in the Local Economy” on behalf of the Association of Compost Producers on November 29th at 9:15 am via Zoom. He will focus on the importance of recycling and repurposing waste while also building and strengthening the local circular economy.

This free annual symposium is a two-day event which includes many different topics and strategies for recycling bioresources to reduce waste, build circular economies, and manage our climate. It is being held in the Byron Sher Auditorium at the CalEPA building in Sacramento and will include remote Zoom presentations. Symposium dates are November 28 – 29, 2023 from 9 am to 4:45 pm.

Click on the links below to see the program and presentations.

This Symposium is organized by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 9, California Air Resources Board (CARB), California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), Association of Compost Producers (ACP), California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA), UC Davis, and Manatt Phelps and Phillips. SPV Soils is a member of the Association of Compost Producers. Contact Lauren Fondahl at fondahl.lauren@epa.gov you have questions about this event.

San Diego Farm and Nursery Expo | SPV Soils

He exhibited our products, featuring Monkey Hair Mulch, and talked with booth visitors about the importance of soil health and what to do to improve it at the Expo on November 2nd. This annual event is a great opportunity for farmers, ranchers, and nurserymen to access the latest industry information and resources. The show included an informative series of seminars throughout the day and free well water testing for those who brought a water sample. Numerous customers came by our booth and mentioned how much they love our products including folks that had purchased our Monkey Hair Mulch. The last part of the day included a vendor and attendee social where everyone was able to share knowledge and experience while expanding their networks. Dr. K enjoyed chatting with everyone!

Dr. K at our San Diego Farm and Nursery Expo Booth | SPV Soils
Dr. K talking about Monkey Hair Mulch at our San Diego Farm and Nursery Expo Booth | SPV Soils
Dr. K and Monkey Hair Mulch at our San Diego Farm and Nursery Expo Booth | SPV Soils
Monkey Hair Mulch at San Diego Farm and Nursery Expo Booth | SPV Soils
San Diego Farm and Nursery Expo Booth featuring Monkey Hair Mulch | SPV Soils
San Diego Farm and Nursery Expo Booth | SPV Soils

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This event was hosted by the Farm Bureau of San Diego County.

Dr. K shared his expertise while exhibiting at the Teacher Resource Fair on October 10th at San Diego’s beautiful Botanic Garden. There were over 180 San Diego County educators in attendance at this popular annual event looking for information and materials to promote student agricultural literacy. Dr. K has attended this Resource Fair for the last three years where he enjoys sharing information about our compost and mulch products and how to use them to create wonderful “teaching gardens”. His focus is on educating the instructors on compost best management practices to sequester carbon and cool the planet. Some of the participants expressed their appreciation of Dr. K and the resources that he shares every year.

Dr. K exhibits at SD Teacher Resource Fair | SPV Soils
Dr. K sharing compost and mulch information
Dr. K at SD Teacher Resource Fair | SPV Soils
Dr. K talking with educators about compost best management practices

This event was sponsored by San Diego Ag in the classroom, San Diego Botanic Garden, Bitchin’ Sauce, North Island Credit Union, and Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Dr. K is presenting at SWAW 2023 | SPVSoils

The Soil Carbon/Storm Water Management Connection: Why It’s Important!

Sep 28, 2023

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Did you know that carbon in healthy soil plays a critical role in improving the management of storm water run-off and soil erosion? In this workshop, you will learn what soil carbon and nature’s carbon cycle is and how to utilize it to better manage water and minimize erosion on your property. The latest soil carbon research will be discussed along with techniques to optimize soil health and storm water capture.

This workshop is sponsored by Storm Water Awareness Week

SDG&E is working with SPV Soils to recycle green waste, improve the soil, promote a circular economy, and make San Diego a greener, safer place to live!

SDGETM Vegetation Management Team, SPV Soils recycling tree trimmings. Images from a SDGETM Facebook post

In their quest to reduce the threat of wildfires, San Diego Gas & Electric’s Vegetation Management Team trims about 180,000 trees every year! That is a lot of trees! And in their quest to be more sustainable, SDGETM has been recycling their tree trimmings with us since 2014. Their goal is to divert 100% of their green waste from the landfill by 2030 per their sustainability plan. By recycling their green waste with us, they are saving money, reducing their carbon footprint, and promoting a sustainable circular economy.

We love helping businesses meet their sustainability goals and are honored to be a part of this circular economy by creating premium compost and mulch products from their recycled tree trimmings.

Learn more about San Diego Gas & Electric’s sustainable business practices, their partnership with SPV Soils, and all the amazing uses and benefits of our compost and mulch in the San Diego Region. Read “Climate Week: Our Vegetation Team’s Green Impact” published on the SDGETM website NewsCenter 9.18.23.

Thank you for all you are doing to green up San Diego County and keep us all safe, SDGETM!

Dr. K Inspecting a local Vineyard | SPVSoils

Dr. K was invited to talk to the San Diego County Vintners Association about soil health for vineyard operations and how to manage and protect it. During the well attended July 25th seminar, Dr. K discussed using soil amendments and composted mulch to improve soil health, improve crop quality, and increase crop harvests. He also shared a well documented case study with supporting research on the value and benefits of applying “composted” mulch on wine grape vineyards. The case study took place in Mornington Peninsula, Australia over a period of four years. The final results revealed that composted mulch has a positive affect on soil temperature, moisture, biology, phenology, canopy health, vine balance, and crop outcomes. The study also revealed that vineyards using composted mulch saw a 20% reduction in their irrigation bill. The encouraging study results have persuaded a growing number of vineyards across Australia to adopt using composted mulch on a regular basis. Read the case study, Effects of spreading composted mulch under the vines, published by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program to learn how you can improve your vineyard soil health and your bottom line.

Green Grapes | SPVSoils
San Diego County Vintners Association Logo | SPVSoils
Purple Grapes | SPVSoils

Amended Topsoil delivery to fairgrounds May 18, 2023

A small portion of Grangetto’s award-winning garden entry

Dr. K and Kevin Grangetto from Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply enjoy collaborating on local projects and events together. So when Dr. K heard that Grangetto’s needed some premium topsoil for their Garden Exhibit entry at the San Diego County Fair, he arranged for SPV Soils to donate ten yards of our Amended Topsoil for the project. Hannah Eubanks of Design For Serenity was brought in to design a beautiful 1,750 square foot succulent garden that would be easy to care for in the San Diego area. She used the Amended Topsoil as a base for the garden display that included a variety of rock, stepping stones, and gravel along with colorful sculptures and accent pieces interspersed throughout. She actually created two gardens for the exhibit. One is a commercial style installation and the other is a residential style garden. We think the gardens turned out beautifully and apparently the judges agree… Grangetto’s exhibit entry won five awards! Congratulations to Grangetto’s and Hannah! You can learn more about the project and see additional pictures on Grangetto’s webpage. You can also see the exhibit in person along with the other entries at the San Diego County Fair through July 4th.

You can purchase our premium composts, mulches and specialty mixes at all four of Grangetto’s retail locations along with many other San Diego based products. Stop by and visit sometime.

SPVSoils Exhibit Table | Graze at the Fields 2023
SD County Supervisor Joel Anderson Certificate of Recognition | SPVSoils
SPVSoils Exhibit | Graze at the Fields 2023

Dr. K had a great time attending ‘Graze at the Fields’ in Carlsbad Friday evening featuring locally grown food and beverages from the San Diego agricultural community. He brought a selection of our products to display at the SPVSoils exhibit table and was thrilled to see many of our customers that stopped by to chat! He appreciated the opportunity to visit with attendees, thank customers for their patronage, talk healthy soil, and hand out SPVSoils pens. The sold-out event was hosted by the San Diego County Farm Bureau and the Carlsbad Flower Fields and it was well-supported by many local business sponsors. During the event, Supervisor Joel Anderson from the County of San Diego, presented Dr. K with a Certificate of Recognition to acknowledge SPVsoils support of ‘farm to table connections” and a ‘vibrant agricultural scene’. We appreciate the recognition and are proudly displaying the certificate in our sales office. If you missed it this year, plan on getting tickets early for next year’s event so you too can enjoy the outdoor ‘grazing’ experience put together by local businesses. There was a lot of amazing locally prepared food, wine, and beer at the event and fun was had by all!

Dr. K conducted a compost and mulch training session for the City of Chula Vista, City of San Diego, and County of San Diego on March 28th. In his presentation, he shared best management practices and techniques for optimizing compost and mulch use. Attendees learned about top dressing turf and how to use compost blankets and socks to stabilize slopes, manage storm water, and control erosion. Demonstrations of the products in use were provided during this well attended event.

SB 1383 Pathways to Success! Building the Final Link in the Circular Organics Economy“ at US Composting Council’s


Dr. K was a Featured Speaker and Workshop Instructor for the “SB 1383 Procurement Workshop: Building the Final Link in the Circular Organics Economy” at US Composting Council’s Compost2023 Conference in Ontario, CA the week of January 24, 2023.

Compost2023 is the largest compost industry conference in the world that advances everything related to compost to benefit the environment and society. Dr. K’s workshop provides training and direction to industry professionals in order to become Healthy Soil Practitioners in compliance with SB 1383. The multi-phase workshop is hosted by the California Chapter of the American Association of Compost Producers, of which Dr. K is a member, and includes other instructors. A field trip to Cal Poly Pomona for healthy soil activities and presentations that feature a variety of application tools is also included.

Dr. K has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that makes him a compost industry leader and we are pleased to have him on the SPV Soil’s Team!