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At San Pasqual Valley Soils, we are always working to develop new compost, mulch and specialty soil products while improving our current family of products. Check out our latest products here and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Got Mud - Get Solutions | SPV Soils

We are partnering with MKB Stormwater Innovation to manufacture and sell their Filtrexx® SiltSoxx® and GroSoxx® products. Stormwater can wreak havoc on construction sites, along the highway, and in the landscape and we are now equipped to provide more products and solutions for stormwater management.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx | SPV Soils

Filtrexx® SiltSoxx® is the original compost filter sock used to capture and remove sediment from storm water. It is easy to install and very effective at controlling sediment around inlets, ditch checks, and perimeters. This product can also be used to protect storm drains, reduce pollutants, and control erosion on slopes.

SiltSoxx® is available in 8” and 12” diameter sizes in long-lasting polypropylene mesh. They can be purchased and delivered to your jobsite in the following lengths:

8″ Diameter Size

8” x 10’
20 pieces per pallet

8” x 20’
10 pieces per pallet

Continuous 200′

12″ Diameter Size

12” x 10’
10 pieces per pallet

Filtrexx Compost Filter Sock on Impervious Surface | SPV Soils
Filter Sock
Filtrexx Compost Filter Socks and Blanket | SPV Soils
Filter Sock and Blanket
Filtrexx Compost Growing Socks - Streambank Stabilization | SPV Soils
Grow Sock

Filtrexx GroSoxx | SPV Soils

Filtrexx® GroSoxx® contains certified, composted GrowingMedia™ in a durable Filtrexx® Mesh sock. GroSoxx® is a vegetated filter sock that supports plant growth and green infrastructure. This product is easy to install and use for stabilizing the soil and providing fertility to promote vegetative growth.

GroSoxx® is ideal for use in Low-impact Development (LID) applications, establishing green infrastructure, and for Best Management Practices (BMPs) for stormwater runoff.  It is also good for controlling hillside erosion, reducing pollutants, creating bioretention basins, and rain gardens. 

GroSoxx® is available in 8” and 12” diameter sizes in long-lasting polypropylene mesh. They can be purchased and delivered to your jobsite in the following lengths.

8″ Diameter Size

8” x 3’
10-50 pieces per pallet

12″ Diameter Size

12” x 2’
10-50 pieces per pallet

Minimum order of 10 pieces

Compost Socks are made to order and customized to meet your needs. Need a different sock length? Ask us about custom lengths.

Contact Dr. K to discuss your project and to place an order.

Construction Erosion Management | SPV Soils

What does the state of Washington know about using compost Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to manage stormwater that California has yet to embrace or even adopt on a small scale? Watch the video in the link below published by Seattle Public Utilities to find out how Washington state easily manages water and erosion using compost.

Then give Dr. K a call at 760.746.4769 to learn how you can use these stormwater management techniques to manage water and minimize damage on your property!

Latest Products

Nature’s Fines

The latest addition to our product line is Nature’s Fines! This mulch has been double-ground resulting in a robust blend of 1 ½” minus course material combined with fines. Nature’s Fines provides both the longer-lasting benefits of a courser mulch along with the soil enriching benefits of finer mulch all in one product! It is great for controlling weeds and minimizing erosion while moderating soil temperature and retaining much-needed moisture for your plants. This versatile ground cover will invigorate your landscape without putting a dent in your wallet. Nature’s Fines is produced from “clean” landscape greens which have not been “composted”. SB 1383 compliant.

Lightweight Protea Soil Mix

This lightweight custom Protea Soil Blend is designed to provide an ideal growing medium for this popular and widely grown San Diego specialty flower. It is formulated to be well draining with an acidic pH from the addition of Pumice, Mini Fir Bark and Mexican Coco Coir (pH =6) blended into a screened sandy loam soil. The low nutrient content of this soil mix is the perfect substrate for these unique drought tolerant plants.

Custom Cactus and Succulent Mix

This specialty custom-blend soil mix is formulated specifically for cacti, succulents, and caudiciforms! The recipe is based on specifications from San Diego county professional and amateur cactus and succulents growers. it combines our Planter’s Blend Compost with Pumice and Gold Decomposed Granite (Gold DG) to provide excellent drainage while retaining moisture and essential nutrients. This is a base soil blend and should be supplemented with a well balanced general fertilizer designed for optimal cactus and succulent development (e.g. water soluble fertilizer 10- 30-20 NPK).

SPSoils Custom-Blend for Cactus & Succulent | SPVS
SPVSoils Custom-Blend Cactus & Succulent Soil | SPVS

Mini Hardwood Mulch

Try our Mini Hardwood Mulch for superior weed suppression and moisture retention. Our latest mulch has a smaller 1/2″ minus particle size that creates a lovely, natural blanket over the soil which will retain water better than larger sized chips. This mulch will also add nutrients to your plants as it breaks down. Our Mini Hardwood mulch is a great option for summer gardens and drier landscape areas. Learn more about best practices for using mulch in the landscape at CalRecycle’s Compost and Mulch Toolbox. Feel free to chat with Dr. K about the benefits of using this mulch or any of our products in your garden. SB 1383 compliant.

Stabilized Gold DG

Stabilized Gold DG is a tan-colored, 3/8″ decomposed granite with the benefit of a binder added to create a stronger bond between the soil particles. It will provide a compact, stable surface when installed to specifications. This uniform product will retain it’s color and stay in place to minimize track-ability while looking neat and tidy. It is great for walkways, driveways, bike paths, patios, and to accent your garden borders creating a natural look and finishing touch to your landscape. 

Worm Castings 100% Organic Soil Conditioner

Our newest product gets a boost from Mother Nature! Earthworms are used to produce organic castings which are an excellent soil amendment that helps develop stronger root systems by enriching the biology and structure of the soil. This amendment is also packed full of beneficial microbes which will ensure that you have healthier soil. Benefits include better soil aeration and moisture retention.

For best results, follow our general use guidelines. Available in 20 quart sized bags.

Monkey Hair Mulch®

Our Monkey Hair Mulch® is fully composted from locally sourced materials. It is a soft, light brown fibrous walk-on mulch yet is long-lasting and has superb water conservation and weed control properties. The rich brown color of Monkey Hair Mulch® blends naturally with our native landscapes and it is lighter in weight than most mulches on the market so it is extremely easy on the back for spreading and applying around trees and shrubs. It is a low-cost alternative to our fibrous Gorilla Hair Mulch without the redwood orange color. For those who have tried this product, it has quickly become their favorite landscape mulch. 

Pick some up and see if you agree… Spreading mulch doesn’t need to be a back-breaking exercise for the week-end.  And it works great as a “pathway” mulch on bare ground where you want both a clean walking surface but still want soil coverage to avoid washout and erosion. 

Nitro-Blend Compost

Our Nitro-Blend Compost provides all the great benefits of our Valley’s Best Compost® and Planter’s Blend Compost packed into one super product! Nitro-Blend is the perfect Winter Garden Soil Conditioner for vegetable and flower gardens going into the cooler season of the year. It’s also an excellent soil amendment for preparing your Spring 2022 Garden. See how our compost helped improve a customer’s lawn in just two months! Try it and watch your landscape and garden thrive!

San Pasqual Valley Premium Coco Coir

Coco Coir

San Pasqual Valley now offers the highest quality coco coir available on the market today in bulk quantities. Derived from coconut husks, coco coir has become an increasingly popular natural, organic, sustainable growing media It can be used as a stand-alone substrate or a component of custom growing media blends. It is superior to peat moss for it’s water holding capacity and can retain 8-9 times its weight in water. Our coir holds nutrients similar to sphagnum peat moss but retains higher amounts of nutrients with less run-off. Our coir is sourced in Mexico and compared with Asian coir, it is low in sodium and very rich in potassium.

Available in bulk for additional savings!

Research by the University of California has demonstrated soil borne disease suppressive properties associated with our coir which is extremely important in greenhouse and nursery production. A minimum of 35% coir in the potting media is recommended for plants susceptible to root diseases. With a pH of 6.0 it is also an ideal growing media for acid loving plants such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and ornamentals like azaleas and camellias. Coir is an ideal substrate for cannabis and hemp production and is widely used in hydroponic systems.

In addition to its horticultural benefits, it makes an ideal horse bedding material where it has been reported to reduce flies in stables, reduce diseases of hooves, maintain dry, comfortable bed support and last up to 5 months before it needs to be replaced. 

We offer a “medium grade” coir which is the all-purpose product widely used in fruit berry production, hydroponic growing media for tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables or as a potting soil amendment or for nursery propagation. You can propagate in tray cativites 2 ¼” or greater.

Call 760-746-4769 for more details on this amazing natural and versatile media and how we can assist you with your growing needs.  Comes ready to deliver in compressed shrink wrapped bales that will produce 4 cubic yds of expanded, ready to use material.

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