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420 Special

Get $4.20 off your first cubic yard of our
new Nitro-Blend Compost (loaded on site)!

Need a full delivered truckload?
Only $420 for 30 cubic yards + tax!
(Delivery fee not included.)

Offer expires April 30, 2021

Nitro-Blend Compost

Nitro-Blend Compost  is our newest formulation that combines the best features of our two popular composts into one amazing product! This compost is nutrient rich and perfect for anywhere you want to improve your landscape or garden. Packed full of organic matter, it is exceptional at retaining water and boosting the beneficial microbial community of your soil. For best results, till a 2” to 3” layer of Nitro-Blend into the top 3” to 6” of soil.

Use our Calculator to figure out how much you need.

New Products

Monkey Hair Mulch

Our Monkey Hair Mulch is fully composted from locally sourced materials. This long lasting mulch has a rich brown color and is free of weed seeds. It is great for erosion control and it looks really nice in the garden, too! Check out the pictures below.

SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch Flower Bed Application
SPVS Monkey Hair Landscape Mulch application
SPVS Monkey Hair Landscape Mulch
SPVS Avocado Tree Monkey Hair Mulch
SPVS Monkey Hair Citrus Mulch Application
SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch in Garden

Nitro-Blend Compost

Our Nitro-Blend Compost provides all the great benefits of our Valley’s Best Compost® and Planter’s Blend Compost packed into one super product! Try it and watch your landscape and garden thrive!

Use our Calculator to figure out how much you need.

Free Product Giveaway Saturday!

Second Saturday of the Month

San Pasqual Valley Soils loves to donate back to our community. Each month, only on the second Saturday of the month, we will offer a single product of our choosing for free to the public. We invite you to come and load up whatever amount you need for your own benefit. Free if self-loaded into your vehicle using your tools. Product must be tarped or contained.

We will load any standard pick-up truck or small trailer (approx. 1-2 cubic yds) for a fee of $10/load. Guests that would like larger quantities must self-load it manually or purchase the material at our standard wholesale price which includes loading at no additional cost. Delivery of purchased material is available for a fee throughout San Diego county by San Pasqual Valley Soils trucks.

Our Next “Free Product Giveaway Saturday” is May 8, 2021 from 7 am to 1:30 pm.

Our featured product for May will be our Monkey Hair Mulch.

Our featured product for April is our Hardwood Mulch.

All guests must comply with our SPVS Public Event Safety Guidelines in the attachment below.

Featured Product

Hardwood Mulch

Our Hardwood Mulch has a lovely, light color that will brighten landscape beds and pathways. Its larger particle sizes and higher carbon content take longer to break down than our fully composted mulches, making it perfect for areas that benefit from a longer lasting mulch. It is an excellent choice for weed suppression and moisture control for all plants, shrubs and trees! Made from mixed hardwoods, this mulch is a great value. For best results, apply at a depth of 2” to 3” for flowers and shrubs and 3” to 4” thick around trees.

Check out the CalRecycle report on the use of hardwood and compost mulching around avocados and citrus. This document provides results from a multi-year study on the value of using both non-composted and composted landscape trimmings to support young tree development, particularly for root rot disease suppression in avocados.

Use our Calculator to figure out how much you need.

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Check out Dr. K’s Tips to help you with problem areas during the rainy season in his Compost Blanket Workshop video and the US EPA’s Compost Blanket Publication!

San Pasqual Valley Soils’ Guidelines for Using Our Manure-based Valley’s Best Compost pdf

Workshops and Events

SPVS | Dr. Craig Kolodge

Get expert advice from Dr. K on Saturday, May 8th!

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Do you have questions about our products? Drop by and ask Dr. K! He can help you find solutions for your most difficult landscaping problems.

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