Welcome to Dr. K’s Korner!

Welcome to Dr. K’s Korner!

Drop by Dr. K’s Korner for the latest information on SPVS products,

product usage, customer case studies, workshops, events, and more!

I am Craig Kolodge (AKA Dr. K) and I joined the SPVS Team to head up the business development and sustainability programs. I am passionate about compost and the re-purposing of recycled organics to deliver agricultural and ecosystem benefits through the adoption of sustainable management practices (SMP’s).

I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with the SPVS community in person and through this blog. Feel free to email me your questions regarding sustainable landscape management, erosion and sediment control, habitat and post-fire restoration projects and regenerative farming and gardening

And don’t forget to check in regularly for upcoming posts and information on SPVS products, seasonal tips, workshops, customer case studies and more. So check it out and stay tuned!