Compost Connector Program

Compost Connector Program

We are proud to partner with Zero Foodprint’s Compost Connector Program!

This new program was developed to promote healthy soil and carbon sequestration while also incentivizing the distribution of the compost created as a result of CA SB 1383. It is open to farmers and ranchers in San Diego County that would like to save money purchasing our SB 1383 compliant compost. If you are interested in receiving a rebate for a partial reimbursement when buying SPV Soils SB 1383 compliant compost, you must first join the program.

Go to Zero Foodprint’s Compost Connector Program webpage and fill out an intake form and sign the contract. Approval can take up to 48 hours. Then simply follow the instructions to participate in the program using their portal. It is very easy! Once you have received confirmation that you have been approved, log in to reserve your rebate. Use code “SPVS” when reserving your discount to gain access to our special $5.20 per cubic yard rebate. The discount is based on available inventory and it can vary.

After you reserve your code, you have 30 days to place order and submit documentation. Once you receive your compost, upload the required documentation, images, and compost sales invoice to their portal for approval and reimbursement. Watch their Compost Connector Tutorial video to get all the details on how the program works.

Here are the program requirements:

  1. Program is open to San Diego County Farms and Ranches
  2. Purchase 50 – 550 cubic yards of SB 1383 compliant compost for agricultural use per claim
  3. Compost must be purchased from a CalRecycle approved facility (SPV Soils is an approved facility)

Follow these steps to apply and participate in the Zero Foodprint Compost Connector Program before purchase to receive a rebate *:

  1. Apply to participate through the Zero Foodprint Compost Connector website (takes 3-5 minutes).
  2. Be sure to sign the contract via email/DocuSign to ensure approval. Approval can take up to 48 hours.
  3. Get email notification from Zero Foodprint of approval.
  4. Log into Zero Foodprint portal and indicate how much compost you plan to purchase to start a claim.
  5. Add “SPVS” rebate code online in portal to confirm rebate (which is valid for 30 days from purchase).
  6. Place order for 50 – 550 cubic yards of compost through SPV Soils.
  7. Multiple orders of up to 550 cubic yards can be placed at the same time as long as you submit a new claim online for pre-approval for each order you add.
  8. Receive SPV Soils invoice with the following information on it:
    a. Zero Foodprint Compost Connector Program
    c. Compost name and quantity purchased
    d. Delivery address
  9. Take delivery of compost.
  10. Take two pictures of compost being delivered or spread.
  11. Login to the Zero Foodprint Compost Connector Program Portal and upload the following information within 30 days of placing the order:
    a. SPV Soils Invoice
    b. Pictures of compost delivery
  12. Follow instructions in portal to file claim and receive rebate.

SPV Soils SB 1383 compliant compost products approved for purchase through the program:

These mulch products have been fully composted and can be used as a compost for this program. If you are unsure which product to use on your farm or ranch, ask Dr. K.

Click on image to learn more about the product


  1. * Rebates are available while supplies last.
  2. Rebates are reserved prior to purchasing product to ensure you receive the rebate (after successfully completing all steps and submitting paperwork for approval).
  3. There is no limit to the number of times you can purchase SB 1383 compliant compost through the program once you are approved.
  4. Each Zero Foodprint Claim is valid for at least 50 up to 550 cubic yards of compost.
  5. The current rebate of $5.20 per cubic yard of compost is subject to change.
pdf | SPV Soils
Zero Foodprint Compost Connector Program Requirements and Steps pdf
Ranch | SPVSoils

We encourage all of our current farm and ranch customers to take advantage of this wonderful program. We hope you will also share the program’s information with other farmers and ranchers in the San Diego area. We look forward to working together with Zero Foodprint and you to create healthy soil on your farm or ranch.