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SPVS | Healthy Soil
Supercharge your soil!
SPVS | Monkey Hair Mulch®
Monkey Hair Mulch®

Durable, long lasting, and effective for erosion control.

SPVS | Valley’s Best Compost®
Organic Crops

Organic Farmers ask for Valley’s Best Compost® to improve their soil.

SPVS | California Native Mulch®
California Native Mulch®

Suppresses weeds, helps retain moisture and just looks great!

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Check out Dr. K’s Korner for Tips
SPVS | Free Product Giveaway Saturday
Free Product Giveaway Saturday is August 10th

Event may be canceled due to rain or low product inventory.

SPVS | Planters Blend Compost
Improve your soil with Planter’s Blend Compost!
SPVS | Grow With Us!

Grow With Us!

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“Best compost in San Diego County!”

At San Pasqual Valley Soils we hear that all the time. And it’s no wonder, as we use the best feedstocks and carefully process them to ensure that our products are the highest quality available in San Diego County! Our boutique composting operation is fully permitted, family-owned and operated, and we have our own fleet of delivery trucks as well! This adds up to superior, friendly service unmatched by others.

We produce high quality mulches that have been thoroughly composted to be weed seed free. Choose from cost-conscious USCC STA Certified California Native Mulch®, slightly higher grade USCC STA Certified Grower’s Mulch, and long-lasting Monkey Hair Mulch®.

We also carry a variety of barks, soils, aggregates, amendments, specialty mixes, custom blends, and stormwater management products to round out our continually expanding inventory.

We have everything you need to amend and improve your soil, grow awe-inspiring crops, control erosion, restore habitat, and beautify your landscape. Browse our products online to request a quote for delivery or pickup or visit our yard and we will load your truck or trailer for you!

Not sure which products you need? Email us or give us a call. Our experienced staff can help you find the right products for your project. Grow with us.

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San Pasqual Valley Soils is a proud member of the Association of Compost Producers.

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