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AgNet West, UC Cooperative Extension and Colusa RCD launch ‘Soil Health Connection’

This website provides news and information related to Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture for California growers, farmers, and livestock producers. The Soil Health Connection is a YouTube channel that hosts virtual discussions and interviews with leading soil science researchers and farmers to emphasize the importance of soil health in California’s agricultural systems.

Association of Compost Producers

Association of Compost Producers

SPVS is a proud member of the Association of Compost Producers, a non-profit organization that promotes initiatives to build healthy soil.

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CalRecycle’s Compost and Mulch Use Toolbox

Check out this complete reference guide on how to use compost and mulch for a variety of landscape situations and purposes.

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CalRecycle’s Compost Blankets

This webpage has some great information on where to use compost blankets and how to maximize their performance.

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Clairemont Equipment

Provides rental equipment for implementing strategies discussed in the Dr. K’s webinar, including items such as a bark blower for creating compost socks.

Compost Research & Education Foundation

Compost Use Applications – A Return on Investment (ROI)

This webpage gives you access to a collection of educational Fact Sheets for ten different types of compost applications. This research project was started at the COMPOST2020 conference with donations from many organizations and individuals.

San Diego County Farm Bureau | SPV Soils

Farm Bureau of San Diego County

We are a proud member of the San Diego County Farm Bureau, which has been supporting and protecting local farmers since 1914. This non-profit promotes economic viability and sustainability in our region.

OMRI Listed | SPV Soils

Organics Materials Review Institute

The Organic Materials Review Institute lists products that are compliant with strict organic standards. Our Valley’s Best Compost® is OMRI-listed for use in organic agriculture.

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RootShoot’s ‘The Soil Food Web’

This informative website talks about the complex relationship between fauna and flora found in the soil and introduces the practice of soil food web health management that was developed by Dr. Elaine Ingham. 

SPVS | USCC STA Certified

USCC Certified Compost

We are very proud to announce that our Planter’s Blend Compost has received the Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) certification from the US Composting Council.


Biocycle Logo | SPVS

BioCycle’s Article, “Compost Use Conserves Water”

In this article by Nora Goldstein, see how agricultural operations in California have conserved water and saved money using mulch. As water sources are becoming more scarce, integrating mulch into the soil acts as a sponge retaining water while also providing nutrients.

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CalRecycle’s Compost Best Management Practices and Benefits

This comprehensive study, published by Dr. David M. Crohn of UC Riverside, is an excellent resource on the best practices for compost use for contractors. It also includes important information about post-fire remediation.

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CalRecycle’s “Vineyards Benefit from Compost and Mulch”

This article outlines the benefits of using compost and mulch for vineyard floor management programs to control erosion, reduce rot and increase crop yield.

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San Diego County’s Compost and Mulch Market Study

This study, conducted by Hidden Resources under contract with the County of San Diego, offers a complete review of current compost and mulch markets in the region, as well as potential for future growth.


US EPA’s Fact Sheet on Compost Blankets

Stormwater Best Management Practices for construction site stormwater run-off control that includes some really good information on using compost blankets.

Soil Health Institute Logo

Soil Health News, Fall 2020

This newsletter provides valuable information and insights presented and discussed at the annual meeting of The Foundation for Regenerative Agriculture. It includes suggestions for sustaining soil health and the role of farmers and ranchers in combatting climate change.


USCC Factsheet, “Using Compost in Stormwater Management”

This informative factsheet shares information and techniques for managing stormwater using compost.