Mid-City Family Apts. - San Diego | SPVS

Custom Rooftop Soil Blend installed at new Mid-City Low Income Housing Development in San Diego

Nissho of California contracted with us in 2022 to purchase custom rooftop soil mixes to be used in planters at the newly built Mid-City Family Apartments and Harris Family Senior Residence in San Diego. The 1.6 acre development was created to provide rental options for low-income families and seniors while reducing homelessness in the area.

Nissho of California provided specifications for two different lightweight soil mixes to be layered in numerous rooftop planters for a wide variety of plant cultivars. The bottom layer consists of our custom loamy sand and pumice mix, and the top layer is a sandy, pumice and coco coir mix. The layered soil is extremely lightweight and will optimize water drainage necessary for healthy plants.

The project’s funding and development has been a collaborative effort between the San Diego Housing Commission, Chelsea Investment Corporation, and Price Philanthropies Foundation. The Grand Opening celebration was November 14, 2022 and families are now living in the rental apartments. The mixed-use development is quite nice and the planters are a lovely addition! We are very pleased to have been involved in this project that will positively impact the San Diego community for years to come.

Nissho of California, SPV Soils Customer
Mid-City Family Apts. Planter #1 - San Diego | SPVS
Mid-City Family Apts. Planter #2 - San Diego | SPVS
Mid-City Family Apts. Planter #3 - San Diego | SPVS
Mid-City Family Apts. Planter #4 - San Diego | SPVS
Mid-City Family Apts. Planter #5 - San Diego | SPVS
Mid-City Family Apts. Planter #6 - San Diego | SPVS
Mid-City Family Apts. Planter #7 - San Diego | SPVS
Mid-City Family Apts. Planter #8 - San Diego | SPVS

Noel Steiner creates a path in her lush garden using Monkey Hair Mulch

Customer digging out a path | SPVS
A trench is dug to apply and hold the mulch.
Customer adds a layer of cardboard to impede grass growth | SPVS
A layer of cardboard is added to impede weeds.
Noel applies Monkey Hair Mulch above the cardboard | SPVS
Monkey Hair Mulch is applied on top.

SPV Soils customer, Noel Steiner, likes to create pathways in the winter months because the rain helps everything settle into place. For her latest path addition, she decided to try our Monkey Hair Mulch and share her results. Her path installation is a simple three-step process which consists of digging a trench, laying a compostable barrier, and then applying the mulch on top.

The trench was dug to be slightly off level and sloped back into the steep side in order to retain more rainwater. Then a layer of “sheet mulch” was laid down. Sheet mulch is an effective way to add an additional barrier that will impede weeds and then eventually break down to add carbon to your soil. It is also a great way to recycle any extra cardboard. Noel ran out of cardboard before finishing this path, so she bought builders board paper to finish up the job. The board paper was easy to roll out completing the sheet mulch barrier in no time. Lastly, she applied the Monkey Hair Mulch which stays in place within the trenched area for a clean, manicured look.

Noel said that the Monkey Hair Mulch seems to be settling in nicely so far, “We love it!”.

We think the path looks really nice in her beautiful, lush yard and appreciate her sharing her project with all of us.

Noel Steiner, SPV Soils Customer

Historic Homes in San Diego’s Heritage Park get a boost with our Monkey Hair Mulch

The Christian House, SD Heritage Park
Monkey Hair Mulch delivered to the Christian House
The Burton House, SD Heritage Park
Monkey Hair Mulch being delivered
We deliver anywhere in San Diego County!

The County of San Diego Parks and Recreation is beautifying the historic homes of Heritage County Park adjacent to Old Town San Diego with our Monkey Hair Mulch! The latest deliveries have been dropped at the Christian House and the Burton House in Heritage Park’s Victorian Village. The Christian house is a Queen Anne style Victorian built in 1889 and the Burton House is a Classic Revival Style built in 1893. The county moved these and other historic buildings to Heritage Park to preserve them so the public could get a glimpse of San Diego’s Victorian past.

Monkey Hair is a great mulch for public areas where foot traffic requires a surface that is soft, safe, and easy to walk on. This product is very fibrous and knits together so you get exceptional weed control and great water conservation. As the sole producer of this product in the area, we have found it to be very durable and easy on the eye.

Heritage County Park’s Victorian Village is a fun, family friendly park to spend the afternoon, enjoy the sights, and learn about San Diego’s past. We are happy that they chose our Monkey Hair Mulch to add a pop of color while also keeping their plants happy. Check out the Heritage County Park Brochure and plan your visit.

County of San Diego Parks and Recreation, Heritage County Park

Gold DG Hardscape Installation at the Port of San Diego’s Visitor Info Centers

Naturescapes Port of SD Gold DG Delivery - 1 | SPVSoils
Naturescapes Port of SD Gold DG Delivery - 2 | SPVSoils

Naturescape Services Inc. recently ordered a delivery of our Gold DG for a project they were working on for the Port of San Diego. The project included installing Gold DG hardscape material to renew the pathways at multiple Visitor Info Centers along N Harbor Drive. Gold DG is a very durable product that stays in place and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Jean Bates of Naturescapes said that they were very happy with the delivery and planned to place future orders.

Jean said, “Everyone was super helpful and on time!”.

We love seeing our products installed throughout San Diego County and look forward to working with Naturescapes again soon.

Jean Bates of Naturescape Services Inc., Port of San Diego Project

Monkey Hair Mulch Installation at San Diego County’s Goodan Ranch Preserve

Goodan Ranch Trail SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch | SPVS
Goodan Ranch Sign | SPVS
Goodan Ranch Olive Trees SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch | SPVS
Goodan Ranch Olive Orchard | SPVS
Goodan Ranch SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch | SPVS
Goodan Ranch Olive Orchard SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch | SPVS

San Diego County Parks and Recreation ordered our Monkey Hair Mulch for a large installation at the Goodan Ranch Preserve, one of San Diego County’s wilderness parks open to the public. They recently established Goodan’s Olive Grove as a new picnic area for guests and utilized our mulch to create what they described as a “carpet of soft mulch”. They also wanted to eliminate the threat of erosion in the park and provide a nice surface for visitors to walk on.

Monkey Hair Mulch does not float away under extreme wet conditions but rather knits together to act like a sponge on the soil’s surface absorbing water. It infiltrates and conserves valuable rainwater while protecting the underlying soil from erosion. And because it is derived from ground palm, it breaks down very slowly over time continuing to provide protection and minimize weed development.

After the Monkey Hair Mulch was delivered and installed at the preserve, the park ranger told us that our Monkey Hair Mulch was superior to other mulches they have used in the past. We think it looks great! Go check it out and explore the preserve.

San Diego County Parks and Recreation, Goodan Ranch Preserve

PATH San Diego thanks SPV Soils for donated products to support community gardens

PATH team unloading spvsoils soil | SPV Soils
PATH Community Garden in San Diego | SPV Soils

“It was truly an honor to meet you today, Dr. K (after reading so much about you!). Once again, we really appreciate the 1 ½ cubic yards of soil, fertilizer and worm castings that you donated to PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) San Diego. I am including some photos of us from this morning at SPV Soils and the supportive housing site’s community garden where interim residents live along with others who have experienced homelessness. At this site, residents learn skills they will need to transition smoothly to permanent housing. 

I have also attached the PATH flyer which summarizes what we do. PATH is one of California’s leading homeless service providers.  I am a PATH San Diego volunteer and founder of PATH Interscholastic Leadership Team which is a group of high school students helping PATH in its mission to provide housing and wrap-around care for those experiencing homelessness in San Diego County.”

Gratefully, Brayden

“Craig, I wanted to chime in and let you know how grateful we are at PATH for your support. Your very generous donation has allowed us to continue our therapeutic garden projects that were at a standstill due to lack of funding. At our senior site, Ivy, the residents have been asking for months when they can start planting and are so excited about the fact that they have a beautiful space in the back. The problem was nothing would grow in the sand they could scrounge up. They were waiting for Brayden and his family to pull up yesterday and can’t wait to get started! At our downtown site we were in the same boat. We have been wanting to expand projects to include growing what you eat and could not plant any of our seeds and starter plants but now we can!

I always say no sustainable change is possible without community, collaboration and compassion and with you, Brayden and PATH we have changed quite a few lives today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and have a wonderful day!”

Sincerely, Sigrid Struben
Associate Director of Community Affairs
People Assisting The Homeless (PATH)

Aviara Oaks Elementary School says thank you

“Aviara Oaks Elementary would like to say a special THANK YOU to San Pasqual Valley Soils for their generous donation of soil to our campus garden and science lab! We are planning to use our great new composted soil to plant vegetables and fruit so we can harvest in the spring and have an AOE Farmer’s Market.”

Aviara Oaks Elementary School

The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club renovates their fairways and garden beds

using SPV Soils Screened Fill Soil and Mini Fir Bark.

RSF Golf Club Renovation 1 | SPVS
RSF Golf Club Renovation 4 | SPVS
RSF Golf Club Renovation 2 | SPVS
RSF Golf Club Renovation 3 | SPVS
RSF Golf Club Renovation 5 | SPVS
RSF Golf Club Renovation 7 | SPVS

During the summer of 2021, SPV Soils delivered 4,355 tons of our Screened Fill Soil to the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club as part of a major multimillion dollar fairway renovation project. They used our soil to prepare the course area for a Bermuda grass turf installation that looks better, uses less water, and grows well in sun and shade. They also upgraded their irrigation system to better service the course and conserve water. The renovated fairways have greatly improved the look and the playability of the course and membership has been growing since the project started. You can see from the pictures, the results are beautiful!

The club also purchased 35 cubic yards of our Mini Fir Bark to freshen up the planter beds around the main club house and parking lot. The project was completed by the end of 2021 and Tom Huesgen, RSF Golf Club Superintendent and Project Manager, was very happy with the final results. He appreciated working with us and our responsiveness to his needs on a very complex project. Tom also said he plans to use us for future landscape projects. 

A growing membership at the club indicates that the RSF Golf Club members are very happy with it, too!

Prize Winning 4.82 lb Tomato Grown Using Valley’s Best Compost®

4.82 lb Tomato Grown w SPVS Valleys Best Compost
Tomato Grown w SPVS Valleys Best Compost

Using our Valley’s Best Compost as a key ingredient, Dan Greene from San Diego has grown the heaviest Tomato in California in 2021 and the third heaviest tomato EVER grown in the state of California.  His “Big Zac” tomato came in at a whopping 4.82 lbs.  To make this achievement even more impressive, this tomato was grown in a 15 gallon pot in his small backyard using only organic soils, organic nutrients and organic pesticide. 

As a new grower of giant tomatoes, Dan also competed in a world-wide team competition hosted on BP.com.  Giant tomato growers participated from all across the USA and from countries around the world including the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Spain.   Dan’s heavy tomato contributions helped his team earn 1st place in this highly competitive contest.

Dan’s DIY soil mix consisted of ⅓ SPVS’ Valley’s Best Compost®, ⅓ high quality organic soil, and ⅓ peat-based soilless potting mix.  Dan has lots of new ideas for next year’s growing season that include more SPVS products in hopes of challenging the CA record which is currently 5.91 lbs.

We wish him luck and look forward to seeing his results next year!

Vegetable Garden Success using our Soil

“Ordered soil for my vegetable garden … the quality is outstanding! When I first received it I wasn’t impressed BUT I decided to give it a season before reviewing … I have never had such successful crops as I did last year.

Anything I planted thrived … definitely 5 star quality !!

Lorenzo Sorano

Lawn Rejuvenation using our Valley’s Best Compost®

Dr Kilb's Lawn before SPVS Valley’s Best Compost® application.
Debi Kilb’s Lawn before Valley’s Best Compost® application.
Dr Kilb's lawn with SPVS Valley’s Best Compost® applied.
Debi Kilb’s lawn with Valley’s Best Compost® applied.
Dr Kilb's lawn 2 months after SPVS Valley’s Best Compost® application.
Debi Kilb’s lawn 2 months after Valley’s Best Compost® application.

“I picked up some Valley’s Best Compost® at your Free Product Giveaway Saturday event on March 13th and talked to Dr. K regarding problem areas in my garden. After reading Dr. K’s online ‘Guidelines for Using Our Manure-based Valley’s Best Compost’, I decided to top-dress my lawn with the product to address some weak areas. I followed his recommendations and put some of it on my garden beds and sprinkled a bucketful of it randomly on my lawn. I sprinkled another bucketful a few weeks later, focusing on the worst spots. I am including before, during and after pictures of my lawn and you can see that it has dramatically improved in just two months after applying the compost. The brown spots have greened up nicely.”

I appreciate all of the informative handouts and that Dr. K was on-site to answer all our questions!  I’ve mulched my palm and citrus trees with Monkey Hair Mulch as he suggested and optimistically taken some ‘before’ photos. ‘After’ photos to follow. I am looking forward to June’s giveaway! 

With kindness, Debi Kilb

Building Healthy Soil with our Organic Compost

“I have been purchasing compost from San Pasqual Valley Soils since 2004, before they built the compost site. The compost made at San Pasqual Valley Soils is one of the most important assets we have in San Diego County to build organic soils. Try a pickup load on several types and ages of trees and see the difference a rich organic compost will make in building the health of your soil and the health and productivity of your plants.“

— Scott A. Murray, Organic Grower and Consultant for 42 years

Creating Healthy Soil and Happy Plants with our Mulch and Compost

“I’ve been using your mulch and compost for over two years now. After spreading your mulch around my plants, the weeds have almost completely disappeared and I’ve been able to significantly reduce the frequency that I water because the mulch retains the soil moisture so well. The nutrients from the mulch seem to help the plants and I’ve also noticed the worm population in the soil has exploded!”

“Your employees are all very helpful and I always feel welcome. Thanks for helping to make my landscaping look so much better!”

— Steve Kinkead

Great Customer Service, Products, and Prices!

“First time customer. You have an amazing employee, Mari. She was very professional, kind and patient and conducted herself like an owner. Excellent customer service. Also love your prices and the quality of your product. Great experience from A-Z. I will return and happy to refer your business whenever possible.”

— Scott Ulves

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