Valley’s Best Compost®

Valley’s Best Compost® is not just OMRI-listed for organic growers, it’s created under OMRI’s strict standards and our own for any grower wishing to cultivate the best soil and plants. A product formulated through years of development, it has been fine-tuned to become a “go to” soil amendment for scores of local farmers, landscapers and gardeners.

Earthy, crumbly and chock full of beneficial microbes, soils and plants love it as much as gardeners incorporating it into the earth.

OMRI, or the Organic Materials Review Institute, is a nonprofit organization that reviews products intended for use in certified organic production and processing. It’s a stringent review process that Valley’s Best Compost® passed, and speaks volumes about the quality of our product. Valley’s Best Compost® is also a Registered Organic Input Material with the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture).

Valley’s Best Compost® is processed in strict accordance with state regulations, including a PFRP (Process to Further Reduce Pathogens) phase, ensuring both pathogens and weed seeds are destroyed.

Available in bulk and one cubic foot bags throughout San Diego County.

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