Monkey Hair Mulch®

Monkey Hair Mulch® is a great overall landscape mulch and you can’t beat the price! During heavy rain, this mulch knits together and absorbs water while also protecting the soil underneath from erosion. Monkey Hair Mulch® is very durable because it is derived from ground palm and it breaks down very slowly over time. As one of our composted mulches, it is also free of weed seeds. This long-lasting product will stay in place under extreme weather conditions, minimize weeds, and provide excellent protection.

SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch Flower Bed Application
SPVS Monkey Hair Landscape Mulch application
SPVS Monkey Hair Landscape Mulch
SPVS Avocado Tree Monkey Hair Mulch
SPVS Monkey Hair Citrus Mulch Application
SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch in Garden
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