Monkey Hair Mulch

Monkey Hair Mulch

Our Monkey Hair Mulch is fully composted from locally sourced materials. This long lasting mulch has a rich brown color and is free of weed seeds. It is great for erosion control and it looks really nice in the garden, too! Check out the pictures below.

Check out the CalRecycle report on the use of hardwood and compost mulching around avocados and citrus. This document provides results from a multi-year study on the value of using both non-composted and composted landscape trimmings to support young tree development, particularly for root rot disease suppression in avocados.

SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch Flower Bed Application
SPVS Monkey Hair Landscape Mulch application
SPVS Monkey Hair Landscape Mulch
SPVS Avocado Tree Monkey Hair Mulch
SPVS Monkey Hair Citrus Mulch Application
SPVS Monkey Hair Mulch in Garden

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