True California Natives…

San Pasqual Valley Soils’ California Native Mulch® is an exceptional value. At 3” minus and composted and cured for a minimum of four weeks, it has a natural, earthy look and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including erosion control, general weed suppression, mulching trees and shrubs, and pathways. It’s a high quality, cost effective alternative to higher priced mulches, particularly ideal for use projects that require a large volume of mulch.

California Native Mulch® is processed in strict accordance with state regulations, including a PFRP (Process to Further Reduce Pathogens) phase, ensuring both pathogens and weed seeds are destroyed.

For optimal results, apply California Native Mulch® 3″ to 4” thick.

For a 3” application depth, about 9 cubic yards is required for each 1,000 square feet, and 12 cubic yards if applied at a depth of 4”.

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