Benefits of Using Aged Cow Manure

Benefits of Using Aged Cow Manure

This post takes us on a trip back in time to pay homage to Daisy and all of the Frank Konyn Dairy cows! These lovely ladies have been producing a superior quality manure that goes into some of our most popular premium composts today.

SPV Soils actually got its start in 2007 when the Frank Konyn Dairy started giving away its cow manure. The “free” raw cow manure (partially aged) was occasionally offered for pick-up at the entrance to the Frank Konyn Dairy. It became our very first product in a line which has grown to include thirty eight products to date… and counting!

Manure is a wonderful soil amendment to use in the garden, orchard, and landscape to improve your soil when aged, leached and used properly. This valuable natural soil conditioner and slow release fertilizer has been aged for at least one month before we make it available to our customers. Since it is not fully composted, it may contain some weed seeds.

1. Manure provides nutrients plants need to grow.
2. It improves soil fertility.
3. It aerates dense soil.
4. It improves sandy soil to retain water.
5. It reduces run-off and soil erosion.

Manure provides amazing microbial benefits, as well as the organic matter, minerals, and micro and macro-nutrients when added to the soil!

If you haven’t yet realized the benefits of aged cow manure, it is time to try it out! We currently craft two premium manure-based composts that will give your plants an amazing boost, Valley’s Best Compost® and Nitro-Blend Compost. Our unprocessed Cow Manure is also available for a nominal loading fee. Not sure which one you should use in your garden? Ask us… we are happy to help!

Click on the links below to get step by step details and information provided by the University of Wisconsin and Penn State University on how to safely handle and utilize manure for optimal results.

Note: If you plan to plant vegetables this year in manure amended soil, you should plan on a “Fall 2023” harvest. A Spring-Summer manure amended garden only applies to non-edible landscape plants and not edible crops.

To learn more about the benefits of using aged cow manure, check out the fact sheet published by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, “Manure as a Nutrient Resource”. Feel free to reach out to Dr. K if you have any questions.