Peri-Urban Agriculture in San Diego County

Peri-Urban Agriculture in San Diego County

A Complimentary Two-part Webinar Series

A plant pathologist looks at the health of peri-urban agriculture in San Diego County…

And what it will take to sustain its future.

As the San Diego area continues to grow, farms within and near urban areas will compete more for resources like land, water, energy, and labor. In this two-part Farm Bureau webinar series, we will explore peri-urban agriculture and a new paradigm for agriculture in San Diego from the viewpoint of a former University of California plant pathologist, farm advisor, and county director of Santa Clara County.

We will look at examples of successful San Diego County peri-urban farms and ways to develop a model to leverage opportunities and resources to re-vitalize existing farms so they become financially healthy and integrated into the local economy. The approach discussed will focus on creating a harmonious economic and ecological environment for peri-urban farms that is sustainable now and into the future.

Part I

Peri-Urban Agriculture
What Is It and Why Is It Important to Understand Its Unique Characteristics and Opportunities

Part II

Successful Models of Healthy Peri-Urban Farms and the Foundation Required to Sustain Them

Thank you to the Farm Bureau of San Diego County for hosting and sponsoring this webinar series.