Make a Seed Starter Mix

Make a Seed Starter Mix

Make a Seed Starter Mix using SPV Soils Raised Garden Bed Mix

Occasionally we get customers asking whether our Planter’s Blend Compost can be used to start seedlings in trays. Because seeds, especially small seeds like lettuce, need a reliable and constant source of moisture plus oxygen to germinate and get off to a good start, we recommend creating a special blend using our Raised Garden Bed Mix that will do just that! It is always a good idea to amend our compost with a fine growing media that will not only enhance it’s ability to hold water but it will also provide good drainage. Our Raised Garden Bed Mix is a great base media for making a seed starter mix because it contains an ample supply of our premium garden compost, pumice for increased drainage and coco coir for increased moisture holding capacity. With the addition of the following ingredients below, you will help your seeds get off to a great start.

1 part SPVS Raised Garden Bed Mix
1 part of fine vermiculite, peat moss or coco coir

The added fine amendments provide that extra bit of moisture to our compost-rich, Raised Garden Bed Mix, assuring that even small seeds are kept moist during this critical phase of seed germination and development.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Good Luck and Happy Gardening!