SPVS Mulch

San Pasqual Valley Soils offers a variety of mulches, from 3/8” minus to 3” minus, at multiple price points to meet your landscaping needs.

California Native Mulch® is an exceptional value. At 3” minus and composted for about two weeks, it has a natural, earthy look.

Grower’s Mulch is also composted, 3” minus, and a good value as well. Screened to remove fines, it has a rich, earth-toned brown color.

We also carry 3/8” Fir Mulch, Mini Fir Bark, Shredded Fir (also known as Walk on Bark), Shredded Cedar, and Playground Mulch, certified for safety in playground applications. We have other options as well. Please visit our Products page for a complete list and pricing. 

All of our organic mulches are aesthetically pleasing, weed free, and break down very slowly over time, helping to build organic matter in the soil and support microbial communities beneficial to plants, flowers, trees and shrubs.

Not sure which mulch is right for your application? Visit our Choosing the Right Product page for help.

Or if you know what product you want, and need help calculating how much you need, check out our Calculator.

For a better look at our wide selection of mulches, stop by our facility any time between 7 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, or from 7 am to 2:30 pm on Saturdays.

We look forward to seeing you!