Compost Blankets and Compost Nutrients

Compost Blankets and Compost Nutrients

Storm Water Awareness Week Workshop Recordings

Learn how to use compost blankets and compost nutrients to manage storm water with Dr. K. Watch Dr. K’s SWAW workshop recordings and find out how you can keep your plants and soil safe during heavy rainstorms.

Compost Blanket Workshop

“Compost Blankets and why they are the superstar BMP for erosion control”

Compost Blankets are an invaluable resource for managing storm water to mitigate damage to your landscape during the rainy season. In this workshop video, I share tips on how to utilize and optimize this resource and minimize headaches. Our Planter’s Blend Compost is ideal to use for installing a compost blanket in your landscape.

Compost Nutrient Release Workshop

SPVS Compost for Stormwater Management

“Myths associated with compost nutrient release in storm water run-off”

Compost quality really does matter! In this workshop video, I share the science behind “organic” nitrogen and compost Sustainable Management Practices (SMP’s) to improve water quality for the ecosystem that relies on it.

I would like to thank everyone who attended my workshops during Storm Water Awareness Week. We had a really nice turn out and some great question and answer sessions at the end of each workshop. I have also received great feedback from the attendees and sponsors for which I am very grateful.

For those of you who were not able to attend the Compost Blanket or the Compost Nutrient Release Workshops, click on the buttons above to watch the recorded workshops. Also, check out the links to additional information that is posted on our Resources page. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.