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Our attractive mulches are great for a multitude of uses! They provide exceptional weed suppression, moisture retention, and erosion control when applied at the recommended thickness. And they’re also great for moderating soil temperatures during extreme weather.

California Native Mulch® is our best value! Screened at 3” minus, this product is refined during a two-week composting process. It has a natural, earthy look and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including erosion control, general weed suppression, mulching trees and shrubs, and pathways. Apply 2″ to 3” thick for best results. $

Grower’s Mulch is a customer favorite and also a great value. 1” to 3” in size and screened to remove fines, this product is crafted from select clean vegetative matter and contains no curbside green waste. Grower’s gets its rich brown color from the composting process, which ensures all weed seeds are destroyed. Its dark hue is great for improving landscape aesthetics, and makes plant and flower colors pop! Ideal for weed suppression, erosion control, and pathways. Apply 2″ to 3” thick for best results. $

Hardwood Mulch is made from mixed feedstocks and is an exceptional value for a premium product. Light brown in color, it is an attractive, economical option for weed suppression, moisture retention, pathways, and slopes. Apply 2″ to 3” thick for flowers and shrubs and 3″ to 4” thick around trees for optimum results. $

Certified Playground Mulch is produced from 100% virgin lumber and is free of foreign contaminants. It meets all federal and state laws governing mulch on playgrounds, parks, schools and HOA common areas. Its light khaki color darkens slightly as it ages, and it’s ideal for schools and children’s play areas under swing sets and jungle gyms. Apply 8″ to 12” thick for best results. $$$


We offer a variety of high quality barks and shredded wood products in various colors and sizes to accommodate your individual specs, tastes and needs. These mulches also provide exceptional weed suppression, moisture retention, and erosion and soil temperature control when applied at recommended thicknesses. 

Mini Fir Bark  is 1/4″ to 1/2″ in size and is a reddish color. It is a good choice as a premium mulch for flowers and shrubs, and will gradually decompose and add organic matter to the soil. Also great for acid loving plants! Apply 3″ to 4” thick for best results. $$$$

Medium Fir Bark is 1″ to 2″ and has a natural, rustic look. Also reddish in color and good for acid loving plants, it’s a beautiful mulch for pathways and slopes. Looks great around trees, shrubs and large plants. This bark will last longer than smaller sized barks. Apply 3″ to 4” thick for best results. $$$$

Shredded Fir is a light, loose mulch which is reddish brown in color. It is easy to walk on and is ideal for pathways and flower beds with perennials and annuals. This product will create a nice, uniform appearance. Apply 2″ to 3” thick for flowers and shrubs and 3″ to 4” thick around trees. $$$$

Shredded Cedar is also a light, loose mulch with a fresh, earthy scent and deep golden color. It mats down for a neat appearance and lasts longer due to some of the antimicrobial oils in the cedar. Looks great in flower beds. For best results, apply 2″ to 3” thick for flowers and shrubs and 3″ to 4” thick around trees. $$$

Shredded Redwood is another one of our popular light, loose gorilla hair mulches, and has a fresh, earthy scent and reddish color. This mulch is a long-lasting product that mats down well to show off your plants and enhance the landscape’s aesthetics. Apply 2″ to 3” thick for flowers and shrubs and 3″ to 4” thick for trees. $$$


Our composts are the result of years of research and development. We combine high quality feedstocks with our best recipes and “cook” them until they are aged to perfection! 

Valley’s Best® is our popular “go to” soil amendment for local farmers, landscapers and gardeners! It was developed to help organic growers cultivate the best soil and plants and is OMRI-listed. Plants love this crumbly, earthy compost that will help them put on a colorful show thanks to all of the beneficial microbes! Incorporate a 3″ to 4″ layer (about 20% by volume) directly into your garden or potting mix. $$ 

Planter’s Blend is a great soil amendment at an affordable price! This compost helps clay soils drain better, and sandy soils hold more moisture. Packed full of organic matter and micro nutrients, it will improve your soil and nourish your plants! Incorporate a 3″ to 4″ layer (about 20% by volume) directly into your garden or potting mix. $$


Our specialty mixes are made using select, high quality ingredients. Our proprietary blends are great media for virtually every application! 

Topsoil 50/50 is a blend is of 50% select, rock-free virgin soil and 50% Planters Blend compost, which adds a generous amount of beneficial microbes and organic matter. It is a light, airy blend that will provide good drainage. This product is ideal for replacing existing soil with a higher organic content, or as a base for a custom blend. $$

Topsoil 70/30 is a blend is of 70% select, rock-free virgin soil and 30% Planters Blend. This product is also ideal for raising grade, replacing existing soil with a higher organic content, or as a base for a custom blend. $$

Raised Garden Bed Mix is the perfect blend of premium quality topsoil, compost and pumice for a light and airy blend packed full of nutrients. It is suitable for any garden bed or container mix. Your favorite vegetables, perennials, and shrubs will thrive in this custom formulated product. $$

Bioswale 50 is composed of 50% naturally occurring washed concrete sand, 30% SPVS Planter’s Blend compost, and 20% sandy loam. It will provide good drainage and can also be used as a planting medium. It is great for use around parking lots, multi-use housing communities, and anywhere good drainage is needed.$$

Lightweight Rooftop Mix is our specialty blend of pumice, sand, gravel, and shredded bark for applications with weight limits needing good drainage. Great for green-roof installations where good drainage is needed along with good water retention. $$$$


We carry select soils and aggregates to help you complete your landscaping projects with high quality products within your budget! 

D.G. Gold is a gold-colored, 3/8″ decomposed granite sure to add a nice, neat finishing touch to your landscape. When installed using water, it forms a uniform hardened surface. It is great for walkways, patios, and to accent your garden borders. It can also be used for riding arenas and equestrian applications. $$

Washed Concrete Sand is a high quality product that has been washed and screened for a ready-mix. It can also be used for a base layer for walkways, patios when setting stepping stones, and rock borders. This clean, light sand will drain quickly when used in the landscape. $$$

Pumice is a light, 3/16″ gravel that has the ability to retain moisture while also providing good aeration. It will loosen heavy clay and provide structure when blended into the soil. It can also be used as a decorative mulch. Be sure to ask us for tips on how you can best use this in your landscaping installation. $$$$

Screened Fill Dirt is guaranteed to be free from rocks, sticks, clumps and debris so it will mix easily with our compost and soil amendments. It’s ideal to level an area, fill a hole or build a mound or berm where you are planning to plant shrubs and flowers. $

Unscreened Fill Dirt is a great bargain if you don’t mind some rocks, sticks, or clumps. It is ideal to use when you need to level an area, fill a hole or build a mound or berm. It can also be used as a base for one of our custom blended products. $

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Green Waste can be dropped off at our facility during business hours by the truckload for a nominal fee. We accept tree and shrub trimmings, grass clippings, and clean wood and lumber for recycling. We do not accept items treated with pesticides, food waste, manure, or painted or treated lumber. 

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